Helen Mort wins 2017 Mslexia Poetry Prize

Helen Mort. Photo: Mike Gibbons
Helen Mort. Photo: Mike Gibbons

Sinéad Morrissey has chosen Helen Mort‘s poem ‘Vanishing Point’ as the winner of this year’s Women’s Poetry Competition, with Poetry Society Member Carole Coates in second place for ‘Hostilities on a train travelling through Yugoslavia, August 1973’, and Elsa Fischer in third for ‘don’t forget’. The list of finalists included Poetry Society Members Mara Bergman, Pippa Little, Kirsten Irving, Fiona Moore, Jean Stevens, Karen Jane Cannon, Judy Brown and Sharon Black.


“Helen Mort’s ‘Vanishing Point’ was an immediate definite for me. As soon as I read it, I knew I’d found a winning poem; subsequent re-readings confirmed it quite quickly as the best in the competition. Something truly magical happens in this poem.”

Congratulations to the other winners and finalists!

SECOND PRIZE: Carole Coates, ‘Hostilities on a train travelling through Yugoslavia, August 1973’
THIRD PRIZE: Elsa Fischer, ‘don’t forget’
PRIZE FOR PREVIOUSLY UNPUBLISHED POET: Annelies Beyboer, ‘Red-veined darters mating’

Lindsey Holland, ‘Temporomandibular joint dysfunction’
Mara Bergman, ‘Inventory at the Apprentice House’
Roisin Kelly, ‘Baltimore Beacon’
Diane Granger, ‘Myopia’
Elaine Baker, ‘Chip shop’
Cato Pedder, ‘Durban Poison: Invicta Avenue, 1996’
Sarah Stewart, ‘The Arctic Arms, Dundee’
Nell Farrell, ‘Scrap yard fairy tale’
Fiona Ritchie-Walker, ‘The art of folding’
Pippa Little, ‘The Light and Shade Sisters’
Kirsten Irving, ‘Murder at Rydell High’
Fiona Moore, ‘The cows of North Korea and satellite Shining Star-1’
Jean Stevens, ‘Jackdaws’
Karen Jane Cannon, ‘Suicide hill’
Judy Brown, ‘The islander’
Sharon Black, ‘Eriskay wives’

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6 September 2017