Society Members Mark Fiddes, Ella Frears & Wendy Orr 1 2 & 3 in Ruskin Poetry Prize

It’s a Poetry Society 1 2 3 in the Ruskin Prize for Poetry this year.

Poetry Society Member Mark Fiddes has won for his poem ‘To Maria Cayetana’. Judge Professor Fiona Sampson was greatly impressed by “its stately movement, its resolution of all the technical problems of a period and a persona piece, and the lovely lift into something transcendent with which it ends.”

Second place was awarded to Society Member Ella Frears for her poem ‘The (Little) Death of the Author’. Professor Sampson “loved the unashamed braininess alongside its wit, and how the poet manages to sustain the whole sophisticated intellectual conceit.”

Third place was awarded to Society Member Wendy Orr, for her poem ‘Jenga’. Professor Sampson remarked that it impressed her “hugely through its playful energy, its rhythmic spring and bounce – revealing a marvellous ear.”

All three winning poems will be published in an upcoming issue of POEM magazine.

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5 June 2017