Poetry Society Member Jane Burn 2nd in Wales International Poetry Competition

Jane Burn
Jane Burn

‘Skimmers’ by Poetry Society Member Jane Burn has come second in this year’s International Welsh Poetry Competition. Judge Kathy Miles also Highly Commended Poetry Society Members Gareth Writer-Davies, Pat Borthwick, Noel Williams, Zillah Bowes, and Helen May Williams.

The Results

1st Prize: Airlings by Rae Howells (Swansea)

2nd Prize: Skimmers by Jane Burn (Consett)

3rd Prize: On watching a lemon sail the sea by Maggie Harris (Llandysul)

Highly Commended

4th: Ten Minutes – Natalie Ann Holborow (Skewen)

5th: Hare on the lane – Louise Wilford (Barnsley)

6th: Sunflower Encolpion – Mara Adamitz Scrupe (USA)

7th: Bergamask for the Neoplatonists – Mick Evans (Llangadog)

8th: Bones not human – Caroline Davies (Leighton Buzzard)

9th: The art of moving an upright piano into an upstairs flat – Kittie Belltree (Cardigan)

10th: lost poem – Mick Evans (Llangadog)

11th: Otters – Gareth Writer-Davies (Brecon)

12th: In the Bowes-Lyon Museum – Pat Borthwick (Kirby Underdale)

13th: Running – Natalie Ann Holborow (Skewen)

14th: Cawl – Mari Ellis Dunning (Swansea)

15th: desert sculpture – Mick Evans (Llangadog)

16th: Rough magic – Noel Williams (Sheffield)

17th: The Wren – John D Kelly (Newton Butler)

18th: Top Corris – Zillah Bowes (Cardiff)

19th: Grip – Mick Evans (Llangadog)

20th: Bluebeard – Helen May Williams (Pendine)

Special mentions:

To The Bay – Gareth Alun Roberts

Swan Feathers – Eve Jackson

Standing Stone – Mick Evans

Observance – Peter Wallis

Aberfan – Mari Ellis Dunning

Garden startled – Roger Elkin

Tarot Cards – Louise Wilford

Items Found in Samson’s Field – Ellie Rees

Tillage – John Baylis Post

A Mother-in-Law Yoke – Philip Burton

in the dens of the fires swept clean – Mara Adamitz Scrupe

The harpsichord in the cage – David Hart

Coach Trip to Llandudno – Gene Groves

Goat Farms of Maine – Paul Newser

In Shukkien Garden – Glen Wilson

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4 August 2017