parallel of a dead oak

By Natalie Perman

Commended, Tree challenge

a tree dissevered dissevered a tree                                                roots worms                                                                          clear in green water  a deified root                                                     deified worms                                                                          a tree dissevered                                                                           translucent in green water a tree painted                                                    the reflection of hollow                                                              the landscape of woods holds its own […]

The stopper

By Rob Miles

                       lifted and all we did undoes, unfixes beneath this weight of days retuned to weightlessness                                     in wilderness, each field                                     or beach          and every forest found, that late-night bath                                                we ran, my fingers parting                    tangled strands, our tracks in crops or sand                              then every moon phase                                                         slowly foaming […]

I Don’t Want to Set the World on Fire (There’ll Always Be an England)

By Ellora Sutton

Commended, Bletchley Park challenge

            ladies ladies gentlemen set on fire too much             land love small lane field I don’t want to don’t want to dreaming of I know I’m dreaming of          awry                         million marching wheel way down deep inside fire one desire baby I’ve ambition             there’s surely don’t want to set a don’t want […]