That Night

By Ellora Sutton

1st prize winner, 2018 August challenge #2

The hands             that night one-on-one             that night pain and suffering             that night. I can tell you firsthand the devastating impact. Life has been deeply altered forever. Every waking minute is consumed with worry             anxiety                         fear and depression. He walks. I hide. He consumes. Broken             shattered in so many ways. […]


By Quinn Lui

1st Prize 2018 August Challenge #4

                                                                          jook-sing is a word more esophagus than aorta. no glamour in the tremoring, no prideful blood-ink except as condemnation. price-match for the least expensive brand of bleach they sell here and apologize, afterwards, to the ruined silk. mama says the only words we have for beautiful are mere derivatives of the original. this too […]

bone apple tea

By Lydia Wei

3rd Prize 2018 August Challenge #4

bone apple tea             boneless feet             bonus amp in cheese               boney kerosine blonde amputee           bone atrophy                           phone apple jeans        A B C D             toe tap the fleas i want to see disorder, destruction, chaos.              i’ve put a delicious razor blade to my tongue, madly bruised,  teeming, wild—                         like the raving […]