Menu & Take Aways

Coffee at The Poetry Cafe
Coffee at The Poetry Cafe

The Poetry Café offers light vegetarian fare including soups and stews, a mezze plate, cheese sandwich with gourmet crisps, and beautiful cakes and flapjacks.

Food is available throughout the day and evening as are other snacks such as fresh fruit, crisps, and popcorn or mixed nuts. 

We serve Honest Coffee – locally roasted and Fairtrade certified – as well as a diverse selection of loose-leaf teas. We have unique sodas made in Dalston and Hackney, among other beverages, red and white wine, and a selection of beers and spirits.


Soups of the day, served with bread and butter  £5.20
Mezze Plate £7.00
Cheese Sandwich with crisps  £4.50
Flapjack / Cake £2/£3.50
Popcorn / Assorted Nuts  £2.00
Other items which change daily   


Tea / coffee £2.00
Small pot of tea (large selection of loose leaf) £2.50
Large pot of tea £4.50
Cappuccino / Latté / Americano / Moccachino £2.50 / 2.70
Flat White £2.20
Espresso / Double Espresso £2.00 / 2.20
Hot chocolate £2.50
Sparkling or still water (bottle) £1.50
Dalston Cola, Ginger Fiyah, Lemonade £2.50
Square Root Soda Range  £2.50
Apple / Orange / Grapefruit / Cranberry juice £2.00

Alcoholic Drinks

House wine (glass / bottle) £5.00 / £20.00
Cabernet Sauvignon £6.00 / £22.00
Bottled beers:  Pilsner Urquell / Asahi £4.00
Guinness / Camden Pale Ale £5.00
Spirits (single / double) plus mixer £6.50 / £8.50