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The Poetry Society needs you!

Over the past ten months we’ve been undergoing an ambitious renovation project, updating and improving The Poetry Society’s office and community spaces. We have been receiving donations for the project through our fundraising channels, and we’re extremely grateful for all the money that funding bodies* and individuals have given so far. We are now so close to reaching our fundraising target for completing the renovation of the Café space, which is now open for events – but we need your help to reach the final 10% of our target.  

Now I Find Poetry in my Favourite Place patchPlease support us in this final stretch of our fundraising journey by making a donation to The Poetry Society Building Campaign. By donating, you will be directly supporting us in our mission to create a central position for poets and poetry across the UK and beyond; our rejuvenated Poetry Society spaces will be invaluable in helping us carry out our work. From this building, we place poets in schools across the country, run vital talent development programmes, and publish the UK’s leading poetry magazine, The Poetry Review. Read all about the campaign on our recent Press Release.

Every donation, no matter how large or small, will make a huge difference in helping us to create a home for poetry in the years to come. We hope you’ll be a part of it. Donate here, or via the JustGiving module below.



The Poetry Society is a registered charity no. 303334

You can sign up to the Poetry Café Mailing List if you’d like information about the project, as well as Café events and offers, emailed to you directly.

What else can you do?

With ever greater public spending cuts threatening the arts sector, we need people who care about poetry to help us continue our work. If you prefer, you can donate directly through The Poetry Society website (rather than through JustGiving for The Poetry Society Building Campaign). You can also leave a legacy in your will

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There are many other ways that you can show your support for The Poetry Society, too: become a member, enter our competitions, come along to events, watch to our poetry films on the website, read our publications – or do your online shopping through easyfundraising and have the companies you shop with donate to us. You can also volunteer. We have many opportunities for volunteers from helping out in the office to assisting at events. If you’d like to learn more about volunteering at The Poetry Society then get in touch

Thank you.

About The Poetry Society

The Poetry Society is a charity that exists to connect people of all ages to the transformative power of poetry. We rely on a mixture of public funds, income from trust and foundations, membership fees and donations in order to deliver a wide programme of activity that includes a huge amount of educational outreach work, publishing The Poetry Review, working directly with our members and Stanzas, running The Poetry Cafe and advocating for poets and poetry in public life. 

Polar Bear teaches poetry in a school
Polar Bear teaches as a Poet in School

“I promise you poetry can re-awaken your fire like a defibrillator to the spirit. I read three lines of a Seamus Heaney poem and it changed my day. Then I went online and saw that The Poetry Society is ‘a charity that exists to connect people to the transformative power of poetry’. Fiver right there.” – Emer Martin

Why does it matter?

npd live 2015We believe that poetry gives us the language to share our humanity. It gives a voice to the voiceless and words for the unsayable. We want to share with others the feeling of recognising yourself in a poem, or the way a remembered line can take on new meaning, make you smile, shed a tear, or take you back. Everyone needs poetry, and poetry needs you.

 The Poetry Society is a registered charity no. 303334